Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources

The Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources’ (CRWR) mission is to help people become more skilled and resilient on coaching those on the path of recovery and re-entry back into society and to provide recovery support services which will promote and assist individuals into long-term recovery from their addiction.

Established with the help of other Recovery Community Organizations in Dallas, Austin, and El Paso and in partnership with the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, CRWR opened its doors to people seeking long-term recovery in 2010.  In 2012, CRWR opened Houston’s first Recovery Community Support Center;  three other Support Center locations have subsequently established at city multi-service centers, in partnership with the City of Houston.

CRWR has been instrumental in introducing and expanding the Peer Recovery Coach model in the Greater Houston community. CRWR provides recovery coaching at its four support center sites, and in tandem with several treatment programs. 

Accreditation Info

Accreditation, Provisional in process of Reaccreditation
2 years
Accreditation Date: 
June 23, 2016 to June 22, 2018


832-393-5970 (office); 713-819-0699 (contact)
Contact Person: 
Dillon West