Oklahoma Citizen Advocates for Recovery & Transformation Association

OCARTA envisions a world where all voices of the recovery community are included in shaping the social agenda concerning addiction and recovery; where addiction is recognized as treatable disease, free of stigma; where the response to addiction is treatment rather than being criminalized or morally judged; where universal access to comprehensive recovery is available without regard to race, gender, or income.


  • Change the cultural perception and attitudes that underlie unproductive policies and practices directed toward addicted and recovering people
  • Educate the political, economic and institutional interests that benefit from such harmful policies
  • Articulate alternative perceptions and beliefs to change ineffective and harmful policies and practices
  • Promote public education and turn personal stories into social action
  • Encourage individuals to speak out about their successful recovery
  • Empower citizen advocates to change the ecology of addiction and recovery
  • Become a public educational movement. At its heart, it will be a movement of creating the expansion of recovery resources in communities across the state of Oklahoma


Our vision is that local communities demonstrate awareness, compassion, and support for individuals affected by mental illness and addiction.


Our mission is to empower recovering people and their families through physical, emotional and spiritual growth to make significant contributions to society. Therefore, we will create a network of highly motivated advocates from recovery communities to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and addiction issues; provide a way for citizens and their families of the recovery community to make a positive public impact on the mental health and addiction disorders service network. We will achieve our mission through effective communication, public education and promotion of health public policy formulation.


Accreditation Info

Accreditation, Standard
3 years
Accreditation Date: 
November 1, 2016 to November 1, 2019


Contact Person: 
Donna Woods