Stairway to Recovery Center

A program of the Gandara Mental Health Center, the Stairway to Recovery Center provides services to individuals in all phases of recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse, including those who have not yet engaged in recovery, individuals who have relapsed, individuals in Methadone programs, and individuals in recovery. The Center also includes activities that engage family members. The Recovery Center serves the larger communities from which the members come including the Latino, African American, Haitian, Cape Verdean, Portuguese, and Brazilian communities. The Center also serves ex-offenders, women, immigrants and elders through activities that meet the unique needs of these populations. 

Based in Brockton, MA, the Stairway to Recovery Center is a supportive beacon of light within the recovery community of Southeastern Massachusetts. The center is a place that promotes and exemplifies hope for people in recovery, where peers are engaged in many aspects of recovery to gain the resources, skills and practical knowledge to improve their quality of life. Recovering peers are encouraged to get involved and bring ideas and suggestions that support the values of recovery. The Stairway to Recovery Center provides a safe and supportive atmosphere to improve and enhance development, helping one another as peers. We all have something to offer to the center as well as recovery as a whole, and here at the center opportunity to do so is given. 

About the Parent Organization

Gandara Center provides residential, mental health, substance abuse and preventive services for children, adults and families across the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Founded in the Hispanic community, the center values cultural diversity and strives to provide culturally competent, innovative services to a diverse community. For 36 years, the Gandara Center has provided culturally sensitive and innovative services, including:

  •     Outpatient mental health
  •     HIV/AIDS case management
  •     Residential services for youth
  •     Foster care
  •     Residential services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled
  •     Substance abuse treatment and recovery services
  •     Youth development
  •     Tobacco prevention

Accreditation Info

Accreditation, Standard
5 years
Accreditation Date: 
December 18, 2013 to December 18, 2018


(508) 436-6123
Contact Person: 
Ginny Mercure