Third Round of Accreditation Began March 9

CAPRSS began accepting applications for its third round of accreditation on March 9, 2015.  Recovery organizations and other qualifying programs that provide addiction peer recovery support services (PRSS) are invited to become candidates for core accreditation.  

Accreditation 101: Introduction to Accreditation

Accreditation 101 is our introduction to accreditation course.  It:

  • describes the mission and purpose of CAPRSS
  • provides an overview of the standards and criteria
  • describes the steps in the accreditation process
  • presents resources for getting your organization accreditation ready and for completing your application for accreditation candidacy.

Accreditation Resourcebook

To learn more about accreditation, view the Accreditation Resourcebook. This guide is designed to help peer recovery support services (PRSS) programs as they learn about accreditation. It is divided into three sections: